Why Beautyaura?

Because a woman who likes herself has a happier mood. Just that simple!

As a result, she is confident, smiling and with her bright, happy aura goes to the world to do her work – one in her daily life, another on holiday, and another at her husband, to say to him his “Yes”.

My task is to make every woman who comes to me shining, sublime and with shining eyes that say: “Yes, I love myself, I am beautiful!”

I dressed each of my clients in the Beauty aura so that she could make her day happy and bright!





For the past 4 years, there have been over 65 brides in my dowry, making them make up, hairstyles, or both. On these occasions, I am making make up and hair for the brides’ sisters, mothers and mothers-in-law. At the same time, I also work with individual clients who want to look more beautiful than everyday, going to a festive event. I collaborate with photographers, where my task is to make a hair style and make up for a thematic or festive photo session.

Costume designer from Russia – Tatiana Osadcaja, Brand „Tanidi”; Photo – Uldis Ozoliņš; Video – Andis Sipjāgins www.youbefilms.lv; Muah – Agnese Anstrāte Gailīte



As a child, I enjoyed making transformations. At a very young age, my model was a cat – Max, whom I dressed in different clothes. Then there were the dolls, later the brother and the neighbors’ children, for whom I cut my hair and then “got the bark” from all the parents. With the guests who visited us during the holidays, we created fashion shows with dressing, hair styling and nail polish for all grandmothers.

I was already fascinated by the transformations of women’s beauty, both in clothes and in the visual image in general. As a child, I was quite conservative in my style, attending several model schools, where I had a broader idea of a woman’s aesthetic beauty in general, and it is unique. I slowly began to realize that I was a girl and I could focus on creating my own external image, in accordance with my inner world, not only based on the comfort and functionality of the clothes.

When people asked “What I will be when I grow up?” I answered – hairdresser. But in my life I have learned a lot,  that have led my way to exactly what I am doing now.


2006 – 2009 Riga Secondary School of Design and Art (RDMV), Clothing Design Department.

After primary school, I started studying at RDMV, where I graduated from the Knitwear Clothing Design Department with the 7 costume collection “Visby”.

2010 – 2011 School of Style and Image “Unastyle”, study program “Make-up artist – style consultant”.

2009 -2013 Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

After Riga, my journey continued back to Jelgava, to LLU, where I graduated Visual Arts and Home Economics Teacher profession program. At the same time, I work as a Make up specialist in THE BODY SHOP store at Galerija Centrs. My job was to test seasonal make up collections, train colleagues on holiday make-up and Express make up application for store customers.

2011 – 2012 Style and Image School “Unastyle”, study program “Visual Image Stylist”.

When I graduated from the “Unastyle” make-up artist program, I realized that it’s to few just to apply make-up to a woman’s overall image, because there was also a lack of hair arrangement and clothing, so I joined the next “Unastyle” program, where I started studying to be a Visual Image Stylist. Unfortunately, I only studied one of the two years, but I later graduated from this program at another school.

2015 -2018 Biruta Magele International School of Stylists

After graduating from LLU, I realized that I want to continue working with people, because it is the most interesting job, so I continued my unfinished stylist education at Biruta Magele International School of Stylists, now called Professional School of Stylists. Along with studies, I was also a teacher at a stylist’s school in a small Model Studio in Jelgava, in the Fashion House “Theme”, where I  had the opportunity to learn coloring, hair styling and create own image for the final professional photo session with mothers.

My journey continues to the women, for whom I create make-up and hair arrangement in accordance with the planned overall image and event. I am glad that the work I do inspires both – me and my clients. My life is colorful and fulfilled because I am a small part of women’s special moments in life, like personal photo sessions, family photo sessions, bridesmaids parties, wedding morning, where I will meet brides and their closest ladies. I am pleased with all of you who celebrate life and come back to me again and again!

Photo: Diāna Veinberga


Special effects make up  Hip – Hop Musician MC Ras for the video clip “Codex” (December 2020)

An article about a music video clip. <-

The directors and screenwriters of the video “Codex” are MC Ras, Jānis Jēkabsons and Toms Markovs, VFX artist – Toms Markovs, cameraman – Jānis Jēkabsons, editing – Jānis Jēkabsons, Toms Markovs, SFX artist – Jānis Jēkabsons, costume artist – Olga Volkova (Volkova Accessories), make – up artists – Agnese Anstrāte Gailīte and Salome Rēdmane.

2019 magazine “UNA” – I made  Make up and Hairstyle for models in the master class “Picnic style” of the magazine “UNA”.

Photo session in honor of the summer, where together with the team we created a picnic in its richest sense. My task in the Salaspils Botanical Garden was to make make up and hair for the models in the open air, where there was no table, chairs or mirrors. Glad that we managed to find an electricity that we could use to power hot hair devices. This was a very interesting experience for me, because with the whole team – Kristīne Plota (stylists), Kristīne Sopa (photographer), Katrīna Grebe “Reeni Deco” (decorator) and models Sandija and Ronalda, we worked together in the open air and achieved a pleasant result.

2019 magazine “UNA” – Make up and hair for writer Anta Manfelde.

In this work I had the opportunity to visit the writer’s own home in Jurmala. I created a light imake up of the day that preserved her individuality. I worked in a team with stylist Rita Erdmane and photographer Artūrs Kondrāts.

2019 magazine “PRECOS” – make up for the bride Maija

I had the honor of applying make up to the bride Maija, who inspired me with her peace and smile on her wedding morning. In the magazine, her wedding is distinguished by the fact that she has chosen the dress not in the traditionally white color, but in the mint tone. So I also used this refreshing shade in the eye shadow.

2018 magazine “PRECOS”

This was a very special morning. It was a hot summer day, and I had arrived at the brides’ house early, where I had groomed the bride’s mother from the beginning. For the groom herself, we made make-up in natural tones, but quite expressive, so that the beautiful overall image would then be visible in the wedding photos.

2018, portal Precos.lv, Veronica and Vitaly’s wedding day.

I was also a small part of Veronica and Vitaly’s wedding day, when in the peaceful restaurant “Zoltners”, I made make up for the Bride.

Photo: Laura Viļuma

Link to article in the journal PRECOS.<-


  • CERTIFICATE (2017) – make up for models “Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga 2017”.
  • DIPLOMA (2016) – 1st place in the associative image building competition “Metamorphoses” within the Baltic Beauty exhibition.
  • DIPLOMA OF HONOR (2016) for artistry in the 15th Associative Image Building Competition.
  • CERTIFICATE (2016) for professional contribution to the exhibition “Baltic Fashion & Textille Riga 2016”.
  • DIPLOMA (2012) for participation in the international beauty festival Невские Берега, body art competition in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • DIPLOMA (2011) – image creation in the competition extravagant bride “Retrostilization”.
  • DIPLOMA (2011) – image building in the competition Extravagant bride.
  • I have also participated in internships – at the Latvian National Opera, National Television and created make-up and hair arrangement for many Latvian music artists.